Creative Film Connections, Inc. (CFC) was founded in Florence, Alabama by Tricia Scott in 2006, to serve the entertainment industry. We have since moved to our new location with 100,000 square feet of warehouse space in New Orleans, Louisiana. While firmly based in the acquisition of medical equipment for use on TV shows and in feature films, CFC has enhanced its stability by establishing relationships outside the medical field. Some degree of diversification, along with the wide appeal of TV shows and movies with medical themes or scenes, translates into true optimism for the future of the company.

At the outset, CFC was contracted by several companies, to handle marketing of their products through product placement and integration on TV shows and in films. This business evolved into contracts with studios and networks for the acquisition of props and other materials to be used in media productions. Some of the well known companies with which CFC has become associated are ABC, NBC, USA, Touchstone, New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, Lifetime, and others. CFC continues to build on this firm foundation.


CFC is best classified as a disintermediation business, in that it strives to eliminate one entity from the supply chain, thus saving its clients money. The flow of materials to the studio might typically include a props rental house. Similarly, distributors may precede the studios along the materials supply chain. CFC, through developing business relationships with manufacturers of goods, as well as with the end users (studios), facilitates flow of material from manufacturer to end user. Obviously the studios save money, while manufacturers receive publicity without expending advertising money.


Some factors that can negatively impact CFC:

  • Cancellation of shows with equipment for which CFC has distribution responsibility.
  • Industry strikes, changes in trends, unfulfilled demands and other factors.


To gain the trust of our stakeholders by conducting business with integrity and attentiveness to the needs and sensitivities of all our customers.


Honesty and compassion even when no one seems to notice.